Over the course of my Ph.D., I developed a strong interest in social entrepreneurship. At the same time, I came to realise that academics and universities need to put a lot more effort into making academic research accessible to the general public, on pain of 'betraying' those who fund most of it—each and everyone of us. This led me to co-found knowitwall.com, an online website, now based at UCL and Imperial College London, whose aim is to popularise research in the humanities and sciences through articles, podcasts and short documentaries, all written (and sometimes narrated and presented) by academics themselves.

As the manager of the project until late 2018, I raised funding for it, put a film crew together and, among many other things, acted as producer in two documentaries: Flying and Spying: A Renaissance dream comes true (written and presented by the UCL historian Zoltán Bierdermann) and The invisible killer of World War I: Blast injury (written and presented by the Imperial College London historian of science Emily Mayhew), the latter of which was selected for the Imperial War Museum Short Film Festival 2017. To watch them, click below.